Valletta Alive Foundation

About the Valletta Alive Foundation


What is “The Valletta Alive Foundation”?

The Foundation is a non-profit voluntary organisation which works in the interest of Alfred ZahraValletta. It was set up in February 2005. The Foundation was set up by seven public and private sector organisations namely: The Republic Street Business Community Association; The Merchants Street Business Community Association: The Malta

Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise; The Malta Tourism Authority; The Chamber of Small and Medium

Enterprise (GRTU); The Valletta Local Council; The Valletta Rehabilitation Committee together with Mr. Alfred Zahra. (Founding Members).


How can you be part of it?
The Foundation offers different types of memberships namely Individual, NGO, Small Business, Corporate and International. This gives all organisations and individuals the opportunity to join and actively contribute to the objectives of the Foundation.


What are its objectives?
The Foundation encourages more investment to improve the City’s building fabric and public spaces. It actively lobbies Government and the private sector and raises awareness of the City’s immense historic, cultural, social and commercial value. The Foundation aims to better realise the City’s tourism potential.


Why Valletta?
Valletta has an identity and character which is second to none. It has a rich history and immense cultural heritage. The fortifications surrounding the city are impressive both for their extent as well as for their height. Valletta has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Valletta is a centre for performing and visual arts and home to several museums.

It is a dynamic city with innumerable offices, shops, cafes and restaurants. It is home to several parishes, each of which is the centre of the community’s spiritual and social life. Valletta provides an exceptional visitor experience. It is not just a series of visitor attractions which happen to be within walking distance from each other – Valletta’s main attraction is in its totality. Valletta is our nation’s capital. Its distinctive identity is intricately linked with our identity as a nation.


How does “The Valletta Alive Foundation” operate?
A Board of Governors runs the Foundation. Seven members are appointed by the Founding Members whereas another four are elected by members. One of the strengths of the Foundation is the involvement of persons with different backgrounds, all with a common interest; Valletta.

The Chairman of the Board of Governors is Mr. Alfred Zahra. Mr. Zahra is a Valletta resident and operates a business from Valletta. Officers nominated by the Board of Governors handle the day-to-day business of the Foundation. The contribution of Chairman, officers and Governors is on a voluntary basis. A Charter approved by the seven Founding Members governs the operations of the Foundation. A General Meeting for members is held in February of each year.

The Minister for Urban Development and Roads and the Mayor of Valletta are Honorary Patrons of the Foundation.


How does “The Valletta Alive Foundation” relate to the public and private sector?
The Foundation actively develops good working relations with both public and private sector agencies who have an interest in Valletta. This includes also excellent relations with each of the Founding Members and their involvement in its various initiatives.

The Bank of Valletta is corporate sponsor of the Foundation.

In all its initiatives, the Foundation seeks to cover the relevant expenses through financial support of corporate entities and businesses.

Two important players in Valletta are the Local Council and the Valletta Rehabilitation Committee. Although these are two of the Founding Members, the Foundation is totally independent of both the Council and VRC and of any other organisation, public or private.


What has “The Valletta Alive Foundation” achieved to date?
Initiatives of the Foundation include:

– Encouraged the publication of a quarterly magazine “Valletta A city for All” by a local publishing company. Two issues have been issued to date.

– Issued a flyer aimed at promoting pride in our Capital City

– Participated in an EU funded project on urban transportation issues

– Submitted feedback to government on proposals re accessibility to Valletta

– Submitted a memo to government listing public sector projects which the Foundation feels are a priority

– Production of a DVD on Valletta to be screened on cruise ships

– Organised BOV Streets Alive over four consecutive Friday evenings aimed at revitalizing Valletta in the evening. Also included late shopping

– Social activities for members

– Met Government ministers on various issues

– Issued press releases, articles and letters to the press on various issues

….. and this is only the beginning!


Here you can find our STATUTE